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  • St. Patrick/St. Vincent Parishioners:  $300 per teen, $300 per adult.  Details below do not apply.  See Registration page to pay

  • All Others:  $800 per person

  • What you get:

    • Certain Place Ministries coordinates all logistics, including scheduling and liaison with the Catholic Church of Preston County, safe environment protocols, VFW rental, shower fee's, Cargo van rental, job assignment scouting and assessment, worksite supervision, preparation and initial cleaning of VFW.

    • All expenses accrued during the Help Weeks for supplies, materials and contracts will be covered by Certain Place Ministries.

    • CPM provides professional ministerial services by facilitating a welcome/orientation agenda, evening discussions each day, prayer and reflection.

    • Publicity and online registration process will be provided.  Ongoing email communication with registrants leading up to the week of service will be sent with the opportunity to ask questions.

    • CPM will conduct both an initial information meeting (upon request) and a final meeting of all participants one month prior to the work week in order to go over the list of things to pack and the itinerary.  CPM will also privately meet with any faculty/staff/ministers/parents/parishioners assigned as chaperones/job foremen. 

    • Breakfast, Dinner, snacks and drinks for each day.

    • Use of all tools.

  • Your total fee does not include:  pre-trip group formation gatherings, transportation costs, gas for vehicles other than rented cargo van, bedding (volunteers are required to bring their own air mattresses), lunch each day, and any personal purchases.  



Student Leaders:  You are welcome to train your own student leaders who will incorporate additional elements into the evening agendas, but it is not necessary. 


Chaperones:  Fred is skilled in home repair and can serve as a job foreman for one worksite per week.  This means that 5 volunteers can work with Fred each day.  For every additional 5 volunteers, you have two choices:

  1. Provide your own skilled adult chaperone (consult with Fred about what this entails)

  2. Certain Place Ministries may be able to provide the skilled adult chaperones needed at an additional cost (to be negotiated).


Alcohol:   If your organization has a no alcohol policy, even for those who are of age, CPM will act as your agent regarding the implementation of this policy.

Fundraising/Donations:  Certain Place Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation and thus can accept donations directly.  Checks can be made out to:  Certain Place Ministries and mailed to 16608 N. 56th Place - Scottsdale, AZ  85254.  Online donations are accepted HERE.


© 2023 Certain Place Ministries

"Christ has no body now on earth but yours.”

― Teresa of Avila


A 501(c) 3 Nonprofit Corporation

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