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Luke begins his 11th chapter by writing:

He was praying in a certain place, and when he had finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray just as John taught his disciples,"

Surely, we can infer that the image of Jesus praying in a "certain place" is meant to be much more than a throw away line simply to describe a geographical location.  In fact, Luke is trying to convey that the "certain place" of Jesus is a level of consciousness or awareness that his disciples not only perceived (implied by the fact that they waited until he finished praying), but desired for themselves.  They knew that they could not get to this place on their own and recognized their need to be taught.

Certain Place Ministries collaborates with those today who recognize the need to see at this level of consciousness (or at least be introduced to it).  Specifically, we offer, under one umbrella, four successful and transformational ministerial programs that have been developed over the years and are now firmly established experiences.  The thread that weaves throughout these opportunities is contemplation and action.

All four programs and processes take participants to certain places both geographically and spiritually.  The two retreats (for college students & young adults), A Desert Experience & Soul Men, are heavily concentrated on developing a contemplative disposition, while the two service trips, Guatemala Help Weeks (for those 18 and up) & Appalachia Help Weeks (16 and up) are more focused on the mission work of the Church to be "the visible face of the invisible Father."  

Through years of experience and trial and error, it is clear that whether on their own or packaged together, these programs and processes do indeed teach participants how to be in the "certain place" of Jesus and thus help them be better equipped to pray, serve, live and love in ever deeper and profound ways.

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